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Peer Group Support and Workshops

Workshop: A Cup of Compassion 

Are you a caregiver on a professional or personal level? Are you caring for a child, a friend, or family member who is ageing or someone who is unwell? Are you a natural at caring for everyone else but struggle to find the time to take care of yourself?

Does guilt take over when you finally do something for yourself? Do you play the role of the "supporting actress/actor" in your own life? Do you want to feel, acknowledged, appreciated and supported?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you.

Aromatherapy by a Certified Aromatherapist 

Are you seeking information and desiring to know the truth about the safe handling and safe use of essential oils? There is a lot of misleading information out there! Are you aware that there are contra-indications with certain essential oils? Are you also aware of the safe use of essential oils around children, elderly, animals, and with certain medical issues?

I offer educational workshops as well as one-on-one lectures about the safe and effective use of essential oils. If you would also be interested in purchasing safe, affordable essential oils from a Canadian company (Nascent Naturals), I can help you. I can also recommend where to purchase safe, natural, and affordable body care products and household cleaners.

Free Soul Workshop

Do you desire to learn to live life as a soul with all the unlimited potentials that are your birthright as a free soul? Are you interested in learning breakthroughs for stress reduction? Would you like to learn techniques for rapid meditation for stress reduction and harmony?

Come and learn self-acceptance techniques, breath control relaxation techniques, the comforting connection, soul cleansing, and much more.

This is a workshop based on the materials, information, experience, and techniques provided by Pete A. Sanders Jr., honours graduate of M.I.T Biomedical Chemistry and Brain Science, founder of Free Soul, and author of You Are Psychic! and Access Your Brain's Joy Center!

Authentically You: Using the Power Within

This is a combination of all the workshops mentioned above.

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